Oasis by Design is re-envisioning healing places to help move the whole industry forward as it re-thinks healing spaces. We invite you to join us in this endeavor as we raise awareness among healthcare administrators, designers, caregivers, patients and the public about the psychological importance of well designed, healing places.

Our groundbreaking healing by design psychology presentations, publications and online columns provide an ideal platform for you to present your services and products to decision-makers as you support this mission.

Join us as a partner in our mission to create Healing Oases by Design. Potential benefits you may gain include, for example:

  • Your Partner listing/logo on
  • Your recognition as partner in upcoming book
  • Oasis by Design CEU presentation to your group
  • Your Oasis by Design column/subscription
  • On-call Design Psychology consultation on your project/product

Contact Toby Israel Consulting, Inc. for further information on becoming a partner.